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Shanghai TONLE Cable Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, is a professional and technical cable manufacturer specializing in design, research and development and production, as well as customized harness processing. The company's main business: drag chain cable, servo encoder cable, CNC machine tool cable, robot cable, automatic mechanical equipment cable, sensor cable, new energy measurement and control cable, intelligent system cable, electric vehicle and road vehicle, motor industry, etc.
Now we are mainly engaged in the customized production of industrial network cable, servo cable and industrial connector, and can provide customers with integrated cable solutions.
For more than ten years; Honesty-based, service-oriented and superior quality; After nearly ten years of rapid development, the management concept of "" has stood out in the industry and won the trust of the majority of users.
Shanghai Tongle Cable Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of special cables for drag chain. It produces all kinds of mobile cables for industrial use, such as drag chain cables, high flexible cables, servo cables, encoder cables, robot cables, low temperature resistant cables, photovoltaic cables, etc. It can also customize all kinds of complex structure cables. Welcome to call us for details.
Tongle has domestic advanced production equipment, strong technical force, perfect detection means, standardized enterprise management, and products are produced in strict accordance with world and industry standards. Good enterprises produce products with good quality, and products with quality assurance will provide guarantee by strict quality management system.
The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, national compulsory product certification (CCC certification), UL certification of American Underwriters Laboratories, CE certification of European Union, CE, VDE, TUV and other certifications. Comply with ROSH, SGS and other environmental protection, halogen-free and harmless requirements.
Various special cables can be customized and produced, and the quality is enough to replace the import;
National logistics can deliver goods, and the delivery time is 5~7 working days;
The products meet the CE, RoHS and UL standards of the European Union.
The manufacturer shall provide warranty period for corresponding series of products;
management idea
Honesty-based, service-oriented and high-quality
One core: take honest management as the core;
Two objectives: to achieve; Access to the world; Be willing to create;
Three satisfaction: achieve; Social satisfaction, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.
Four key points: persistence; Pay attention to quality, innovation, brand and environmental protection.
Quality objectives
The first inspection pass rate of finished products is 98%, which increases to 99% in three years; To continuously improve customer satisfaction, all departments related to quality should be decomposed according to the general objectives of the factory and converted into specific work objectives of the department. Scientific management, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and zero product defects.
We produce CCC certified cables
The company has obtained the CCC certificate of national compulsory certification
We produce American certified cables
At the beginning of its establishment, the company passed the American certification and obtained the UL certificate
Our cables comply with ROHS standards
Actively respond to the national development strategy, and our products are environmentally friendly
We produce cables below 1KV
We specially customize various cables below 1KV for enterprises
We produce EU certified cables
At the beginning of its establishment, the company passed the EU certification and obtained the CE certificate
In order to meet the use requirements of customers, Tongle takes UL standard, German VDE standard, European CE standard, 3C standard, etc. as the product testing and production standards, and actively follows and even exceeds the domestic standards. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to technological progress and concept innovation, constantly strengthened internal management, kept pace with the times, blazed new trails, and formulated the quality policy of taking customer demand as the center and production management as the basis, continuously improving the quality system, and improving customer satisfaction. Organize production in strict accordance with domestic standards, and implement the whole-process control from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of finished products.
Our production base is located in Songjiang, Shanghai, with a modern production base integrating production, quality testing and development. The whole process of production and operation of the company is strictly in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system standard to implement comprehensive quality control, so as to ensure product quality.
Our products are of high standard and can directly replace foreign products. Let you have a high standard of products at a reasonable price.
After years of development, our company has been recognized by the majority of users with good reputation and excellent products. Tongle is open to the world and willing to create. Tongle strives for product excellence and service perfection, and dedicates to users with satisfactory products and services! Our purpose is to provide customers with complete and economical cable installation solutions.
Our products have covered the machinery, metallurgy, network communication, intelligent equipment manufacturing, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, medical and health industries in many provinces and cities in China. On the basis of establishing and improving domestic marketing, we actively explore the international market. Quality and service are the magic weapon for our continuous success.
We always adhere to the spirit of leapfrogging and growth. Pragmatism, innovation and development are our eternal beliefs. The trust of users is our unremitting pursuit. The support of users is our success. On the basis of building a harmonious enterprise, we constantly grasp the pulse of market development and provide customers with satisfactory products and services.About Us (https://cable.teonle.com/)  第1张